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Power Supply Solutions to Remote & Rural Gippsland

Bairnsdale Electrical and Solar provide Electrical and Solar solutions throughout East Gippsland, Victoria. From installing a domestic power point to remote Off Grid Solar powering a full house we can provide for all your needs.

We also specialise in providing tariff optimisation using hybrid systems*  to ensure you get the most out of your grid connected solar.

Bairnsdale Electrical and Solar are a supplier and installer of premium quality Solar Power Solutions in the East Gippsland Region of Victoria.

*A system where the grid connect solar is  connected to a battery backup system so you can use your saved power at night when the sun
goes down or have power when the grid is off. It is also very good in areas where grid power is unreliable or irregular.


Bairnsdale Electrical and Solar provide a range of Electrical and Solar Power Services to the East Gippsland region of Victoria.

Our services are specifically targeted to rural and remote properties where being connected to conventional power is un-available or un-feasable.

Bairnsdale Electrician are the professionals in Solar.


When considering Solar Power for your property, Bairnsdale Electrical and Solar provide professional advice and take in to consideration all aspects of the site, such as location, aspect to the sun, energy consumption etc..

A detailed report is then prepared for you.


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